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Nice to meet you! My name is Scott. You are probably reading this page because you want to know more about me. Well, there is a lot to my story. 44 years worth to be exact but we don’t have time for all that. One day.. I will share more in detail and maybe even write a book. But for now....here is the quick version. 

I grew up in Saskatchewan (it’s a real place) and moved to Calgary in 1999. Here I met my wife Jessica and we moved to Sydney, Australia in 2005. It was a beautiful life filled with sunshine, beaches and a great community. We decided to move back to Canada ( call us crazy)  to start our own family around family. We said goodbye to sunshine and exchanged beaches for mountains and sunshine for snow.

Upon returning, I had tried my hand at various jobs and went through a huge learning stage that would help shape and form the next years of my life. 
In efforts to connect back in to Canada I found myself taking pictures of my home, the Rocky Mountains of Alberta and posting them on social media. I wanted to be anywhere but here but to my surprise many people around the world resonated with my images and raved about the beauty of my backyard. It was the early days of Instagram and as an early adopter, I found myself connecting with creators all over the world. I was finding community in an unconventional way online. Through this, I also discovered a new passion in photography. While I love taking photos, my first and biggest joy in life is meeting new people and seeing other people connect in meaningful ways.

I wanted more out of the experience I was having online, beyond likes and comments. I wondered what it would like like if we could take what was happening online and bring it to life. It’s here I came up with the concept of Socality dreaming about the power of togetherness and a true space of belonging. I launched this community and platform in 2014 with the hopes to discover true community and connect others into a new friendships, relationships and opportunities.

Upon its launch, Socality resonated with many from all over the world and I would begin to assemble a team, hosts events and bring people together. We hosted our first event in Calgary, Alberta in 2014 and never looked back. Since then we have been all over the world including Vancouver, Toronto, New York, San Diego, San Francisco, LA, Portland and more. Recently we have extended this community into a brick and mortar space called Socality House. 

Personally, I have had the opportunity to travel the world and work commercially with many great partners. Some of these include Rogers, GMC, Eddie Bauer, Canon, Ford, Amex, Visa, Travel Alberta , Tourism Germany and more. Through this blog, my hope is that I will be able to share more with you in real time from the places I travel, lessons I learn and the art I create.


I hope that through the images I share and the stories I tell that this content will be a resource to you in helping you find new places, plan trips and share what I am learning along the way!!

Thank you for following along and here is to the journey ahead!
Scott Bakken and his family at the top of Banff Gondola.

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