The Year of Your Pivot

Published on
December 29, 2023

Scott Bakken
Entrepreneur & Photographer
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Scott Bakken

The Year of Your Pivot: A Journey Through Transformation in Four Essential Life Areas

Understanding the Power of a Pivot.

What exactly does it mean to pivot? In essence, a pivot is a fundamental shift in our approach or strategy, typically undertaken to better align with our goals or to adapt to new challenges. It's a conscious and intentional change in direction, not necessarily drastic, but rather a gradual reorientation towards a new destination.

Who can forget the iconic scene from Friends where they are moving the couch up the stairs. I think we can all agree helping a friend move is probably one of the least enjoyable experiences.  However, during the scene when trying to get the couch around the corners, Ross is relentlessly shouting. “Pivot, Pivot, Pivot”. As annoying as it was, they eventually got this oversized couch up the stairs. The idea here is simple: We get to our goals through small, consistent pivots. These intentional baby steps eventually leads us away from our bad habits and into new ones that bring about change.

Embracing Change: The Path to New Beginnings.

You've probably yearned for change in some aspect of your life at one point or another. Whether it be to financially free,  lose wight or overcome your anxiety. The good news? It's entirely achievable through the concept of pivoting. This doesn't always mean a radical change; it's about making incremental shifts that collectively steer you towards a new horizon. Remember, if nothing changes, nothing changes. This year, we're not just dreaming of change; we're actively pursuing it. But first, let's set the stage:

1. Acknowledging the Journey: We didn't arrive at our current state overnight, and similarly, transformation won't happen instantly. This journey requires patience and steady commitment.

2. Habitual Reformation: To pivot effectively, we need to identify and gradually modify the habits that have shaped our current situation. It takes roughly 28 days to form a habit, so gradual change is key to sustainable success and avoiding disappointment.

3. Goal Setting: Pinpoint the areas you wish to develop. Establish clear goals and then cultivate habits that propel you towards these ambitions.

4. Embracing Incremental Change: Remember, transformation is a series of small steps. By adopting new habits and mindsets, you'll start noticing changes, fuelling further motivation and growth.

Engaging with Experts: A Year of Learning and GrowthThis year, I'm excited to introduce a series of conversations with experts across various fields. We'll delve into diverse topics, answering your questions and exploring new perspectives together. Be sure to be following my IG and Youtube where I will be sharing more interviews with experts in key areas of our lives.

Building Sustainable Habits

Forming new habits isn't an overnight process. Research indicates that it can take anywhere from 18 to 254 days for a habit to become second nature, with an average of around 66 days. This time frame varies based on the habit, the individual, and the context.

My Personal Commitments: Four Key Areas I will be focusing on in 2024

Health and Wellness: A Holistic Approach
We're focusing on improving our physical, mental, and emotional health. Through realistic goals, self-care, and balance, we aim to thrive in all aspects of our well-being. From achieving that weight loss goal, to facing our anxiety head on and learning to overcome it.

Financial Freedom: Smarter Money Management
We're rethinking our approach to spending, saving, and debt management. The goal is to create a sustainable financial strategy that brings us closer to financial independence. It doens’t matter if you are in up to your eyeballs in debt, no nothing about money we are going to work towards finical freedom together!!

Travel: Realizing Our Dreams
No more deferring those dream vacations. We're embracing new experiences, immersing ourselves in different cultures, and making memories that will last a lifetime. Through my content, I want to share where/ how to travel and see you step into your dream destinations.

Relationships: Cultivating Stronger Bonds
This year is about deepening connections, fostering understanding, and nurturing empathy to build a network of supportive and loving relationships. This includes developing our communication skills, strengthening conflict resolution abilities and learning to be honest with ourselves for our true strengths and weaknesses.

The Journey Ahead:

Pivoting is more than just change; it's about growth and making deliberate choices to enhance our lives. As we embark on this exciting journey, patience and persistence will be our guiding principles. Join me on Instagram and YouTube as I unveil new content, and together, let's pivot towards being the best versions of ourselves.

Here's to a year of meaningful pivots and transformative journeys!



Entrepreneur & Photographer

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