Finding Fall in Fernie, BC

Published on
October 17, 2022

Scott Bakken
Entrepreneur & Photographer
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Scott Bakken

Located in southern British Columbia is the beautiful town of Fernie BC. Known for its pristine skiing conditions in the winter, Fernie has so much more to explore year around. 

I went chasing fall colours with a few Friends and discovered what Fernie has to offer. Like many, In the past, I have driven through on highway 3 heading for Adventure across the border. However, there is so much more to this town than meets the eye. If you are planning to visit, here are some suggestions that you can add to your list!


Snow Valley Lodge is located right off the main highway and is a combination of tiny homes and a hotel. It has a common space where you can work and read and the tiny homes have a full kitchen, loft bedroom and all you need to enjoy your getaway. The communal space is a great place to work and also has wifi for all your business needs.


Nevados is a 110-year-old theatre transformed into Fernie's cocktail destination, featuring an extensive selection of specially imported tequilas and mezcals and carefully crafted tapas options.

The stripped back decor is refreshing, inviting and relaxing including century-old exposed brick behind the softly glowing bar and unique photography featuring street art from the owner's travels. The music gives the place a festive atmosphere, perfect for partying with a group of friends over patacones, fresh margaritas and local craft beers.

The Blue Toque is a great breakfast spot that offers an extensive menu to satisfy diners from omnivore to plant based diets. World flavours and re-imagined classic brunch favorites made fresh to order.


Rooftop Coffee Roasters began in 2015 with the family's 16-year-old roasting as a hobby from the rooftop of the family home. A year later a commercial drum roaster turned the hobby into a business and warranted the move to a commercial premises. Every day, Rooftop Coffee Roasters strive to produce the most delicious, approachable cup of coffee, still surrounded by the mountains of Fernie, BC.


Biking: Rent bikes from Gearhub and explore the trails. Bike to Montane hut for a panoramic view of the valley and town.

Paddle Board: Hit up Edge of the World to rent a paddle board or for any accessories you might need.

Hike Fernie: Duncan at Hike Fernie is a great guide and will be sure to get you to the best spots!


  • Dogwood park and boat launch: In the middle of town you will find this great walk and scenic spot by the river.
  • Hike to the Montane hut: A moderate hike to a panoramic view of the town.
  • Maiden Lake: You know your town is beautiful when there are accessible lakes and stunning views right off the main highway. This place has a great walking path through fall colours and mountain views.


  1. Fernie has a variety of dining options along the main highway, but do yourself a favour and turn off the highway into the downtown core to experience its charm. There are great cafes and restaurants to enjoy! 
  2. The locals know everyone! You will feel the friendliness of Fernie in an instant. The community is very welcoming. If you plan to hang out a few days, you will most likely make a lot of new friends
  3. Fernie is built for outdoor adventures. From biking trails, paddle boarding the river or hiking the trails, there is no shortage of outdoor activities!! 


Tourism Fernie has a great app to help guide your ultimate adventure! Download it here!


Entrepreneur & Photographer

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