Panorama Glass Lodge In Iceland

Published on
July 9, 2022

Scott Bakken
Entrepreneur & Photographer
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Scott Bakken

These tiny homes are located in Iceland and are the one of the coolest places I have stayed. These luxury lodges are very clean with a modern style design. With the front part made of glass, these lodges offer panorama views of sunrises, sunsets and in the winter are the perfect place to watch for the Northern Lights.

The lodges are located on private land and in a remote area so you don't need to worry about people looking inside. ( Lots of comments on my Instagram about this so I thought I would address it). You will feel completely relaxed as your are surrounded with the sound of silence.

Worried about the endless light in the summer months? No need to worry as there are black out blinds. They also provide you with a sleep mask for that extra coverage just in case you need it.


Located just 90 mins South of Reykjavik in Hella, this is a great first stop if you are choosing to do the ring road going South to North. 


You are provided with a code upon booking which will provide you access to tour lodge. There is no one on site and there is no front desk.

4PM Check in 

11AM Check out 


There is a small kitchenette with spices, condiments, and cooking utensils but you will need to bring your own food for cooking with you. There is also a BBQ outside for your use. Hella is a small town located 20 minutes away with limited dining options that close early.



Each lodge comes with your own designated sauna. 


On the deck of your lodge, enjoy a hot tub to watch the sunset and relax for the evening.

PLACES TO SEE ( While at the lodge check out these spots)


Keldur Turf houses




Sleep Masks

Heated floors


Make sure to bring your own food to cook. Hella is 20 mins away but dining options are limited and close early.

The lodges are designed for 2 people so if you have a group you will need to consider this.

Arrive in time to enjoy the all the amenities like the sauna and hot tub.

There is cell coverage so you will have access to your phone.

Book in advance. These lodges are popular so you will want to plan ahead.

You can find out more about this property and book your stay at Panorama Glass Lodge for your upcoming trip to Iceland.


Entrepreneur & Photographer

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