The Rocky Mountaineer

Published on
November 4, 2021

Scott Bakken
Entrepreneur & Photographer
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Scott Bakken

All Aboard the Rocky Mountaineer!!

Route: Vancouver to Banff

The Rocky Mountains are some of the most spectacular views you will ever see and there is no greater way to see them than via train. The Rocky Mountaineer offer various length of journey through the scenic routes. This is truly a bucket list trip and on that will leave with photos and memories forever. 

While I have driven the highway from Vancouver to Banff many times, nothing compares to seeing by train. You go over canyons, past waterfalls and through the mountains. The slow ride allows you to take it all in like never before. Besides this, it is just really cool to travel by train!

We started our 2 day journey in Vancouver. We were picked up by the shuttle bus from our hotel that would take us to the station. From here we would board the train for the first leg of the trip. The first stretch will take you to Vancouver to Kamloops where you will disembark for the night and stay at a hotel. This 10 hour journey on to Kamloops will take you through stunning mountain towns, over waterfalls and through Hells Gate.  From here, you board again in the am for the 2nd leg of the journey onto Banff or Jasper depending on the route you have chosen. In total you spend 8-10 hours each day on the train. 

One of the highlights was coming into Banff at Sunset. It truly felt like the perfect ending to an incredible journey through the mountains!


GLASS DOME COACHES: Don’t miss a moment while be seated under glass domes with panoramic views. 

The Viewing Platform: Go grab those incredible photos while standing on the viewing platform. You can access this at any point during the duration of your trip.  Along the trip , you pass through mountains, waterfalls and lakes. You will see wildlife such as bears, eagles, mountain goats and more!

The Dining Cart:  You will be treated to breakfast and lunch in the dining cart. This 5 start service brings allows you to enjoy elegant food, coffee and wine while looking out the window at those once in a lifetime views. 

First Class Service: Throughout the trip you will be treated with first class service including unlimited drinks and snacks along your journey. 


The Rocky Mountaineer offer various ticket points including Silverleaf and Goldleaf. Promotions are available to local residents. You can view how you book the trip of a lifetime here


Entrepreneur & Photographer

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