Explore Iceland with Campeasy

Published on
June 18, 2022

Scott Bakken
Entrepreneur & Photographer
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Scott Bakken


I finally went on my inaugural trip to Iceland! This was my first time, but I can promise you I am going back!! I went on the road with Campeasy, an incredible campervan rental company for the epic trip around the Ring Road of Iceland. We went with the Viking 4X4 which gave us more space and also the ability to do some off roading if we needed. The main off roading is to the highlands which requires you to take the F road and you will need a 4X4, however this wasn't open just yet and we were not able to access it.

If you are planning a trip to Iceland, here are some tips and tricks I learned from my first time going that could help you in your plans! 

I will be doing more blogs outlining each destination with what to see in each area. However, I hope this quick guide will act as your starter kit!


Iceland is very easy to get around and there is one main road called The Ring Road that will take you all around the country. You can plan your trip starting in Reykavik and go south to North or vice versa. It is really up to you! We went South first and I will detail our itinerary below!

We were picked up by the Campeasy team shuttle at the airport where they transported us a short drive to the Campeasy HQ. Here we collected the van and the team went through all our needs for the trip. We chose from a list of equipment we would for the duration of out trip. As we travelled to Iceland, we only came with our bags. 


They provide every thing you need from blankets, pillows, coffee press, BBQ, lawn chairs… you name it they have it. All you need to do is show up and they will make sure you have what you need.  They also provided an iPad with a great GPS system that allowed to find all our destinations quickly. The wifi is amazing in Iceland so you will always have service. 

The staff were so helpful and courteous. They were also very excited for our journey and they send you off with everything you need for a great trip. The HQ is also very clean and welcoming with tea, coffee, couches and a ping pong table!

Shout out to Iris and Holly who were great to work with!


The days are long in the summer light. The sun would set around 12:30AM and would rise around 230AM However, it never really gets dark, it's more like dusk. For this reason you can sight see and explore the whole time. You will be tired, so the camper van is great when you need to take a nap mid day and refresh your self for those views. It also allows you to take the road as it comes and go on your adventure!! We found ourselves in crazy places in the middle of night, capturing photos so the van was really the perfect travelling companion.


  1. Clean and new
  2. Modern and sleek ( some other camper vans scream tourist. Campeasy is subtle branding)
  3. Comfortable ( great for long trips and comfy sleeping situation)
  4. Spacious ( so much room for our bags and camera gear)
  5. Off road adventures ( 4X4 options let you get to highlands in summer months)


View Map Here.

We drove the ring road starting south. Depending on the amount of time, you won't want to back track much. There is So much to see so depending on how much time you have in Iceland, you will have to choose wisely. You will also soon realize that you will need a few trips to explore this place!

Reykavik:  Start here. This is where you will land and is the main hub for Iceland. From here you head south and you can drive the golden circle. We gave this a miss, but it is filled with beautiful, iconic spots. There is just so much to see so you will have to choose what to see with the time you have!

Hella: We made the 90 minute trek down to Hella where we stayed at The Panorama Glass Lodge. 

Vik- This is the home of the iconic Black Sand Beach, Reynisfjara as well as Dyrholaey. This lush, green town feels like something out of a fairy tale with beautiful walking paths. It is also famously featured in Justin Biebers music video, “ I’ll show you”.

Hofn: Next stop Hofn. This small, fishing village is the entry to some pretty insane views which will bring you to epic places like Ice lagoon and Diamond Beach. Not far down the road is one of the most amazing landscapes in Iceland called Stokksnes.

From here you will go west as you make your way to the north and get ready to be amazed. The views are insane around every corner and you will have a hard time driving because you will be so busy pulling over at every chance you get!

Myvatn- Now onto the North! It was a 5 hour journey from the Hofn to Myvatyn, home of natural geothermal and volcanic areas.  Myvatyn will bring you to the Diamond Circle where you can see things such as Godafoss and Dettifoss.

Husavik: Back in the van and one hour away is Husavik, the whale watching capital of the word. This quaint and peaceful town is home to NorthSailing whale watching as well as Geosea Lagoon for a little rest and relax.

Akureyri: We ventured on the road one last time to arrive in the second largest city in Iceland where we experience the brand new Forest Lagoon! From here we made the 5 hour journey back to Reykavik where it all began!

Check out some of the pics below from the journey! You can book with Campeasy here.

For more information, check out the Campeasy FAQ for all your inquiries.


Entrepreneur & Photographer

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