The Rocky Mountaineer: Journey Through the Clouds

Published on
June 23, 2022

Scott Bakken
Entrepreneur & Photographer
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Scott Bakken

To celebrate our 20th anniversary my wife and I rode the Rocky Mountaineer on their Voyage, Journey through the Clouds. This 2 day trip would take us from Vancouver to Jasper. This is more than a train ride, but rather a bucket list experience that will be remembered forever. 

The Rocky Mountaineer is a special experience vs a form of travel. It allows you to see the spectacular Rocky Mountains through a glass dome and sharing these moments with that special someone. Whether it's spouse, loved one, parent or long time friend, this is an experience to be shared and treasured forever. A common misconception is that you can just drive the highway for a lot less, but the train isn't just about travel, It's about the whole experience and sharing these moments with the ones you love.


Visit The Rocky Mountaineer and choose your Voyage.  You can personalize your journey based on where you want to start ( either Vancouver, Banff, Whistler, Jasper and now Denver). The train runs predominately in Western Canada . We started in Vancouver where we were able to take in the city before our departure. 


You will be shuttled by Motorcoach from your hotel the morning of your departure. At the station, the team will take your luggage and get you settled in your seat for the 2 day trip. As you depart the station, the team will wave goodbye and wish you well. One thing to note is everyone waves at The Rocky Mountaineer as you pass through towns along the route so get ready to wave to the world!


Everything about the Rocky Mountaineer is First class. You can choose between Goldleaf and Silverleaf depending on the level of experience you are seeking. 


The seats are large, leather seats with lots of leg room. They have controls that allow you to adjust your seat and even turn on the heat warmers. They recline so you can relax and enjoy the ride. You have a pull out tray for all those drinks that will be coming your way!


There are 2 full meals served on board. You will dine in the dining cart below with a full menu inclusive of tea, coffee , wine and deserts. You will be served both breakfast and lunch on the train and this whole experience is very slow as to take it in and enjoy. Throughout the rest of the trip you will be served lots of snacks and treats! You will not go hungry!


Enjoy unlimited drinks and bar service all day long including a long list of cocktails and drinks, both alcoholic and non. 


Each cart is staffed with incredible team members who are there to meet all your needs, including providing knowledge of the sites and scenes along the way. 


The trip takes a full 2 days with anywhere from 8-10 hours each day on the train, You will stop for the night in Kamloops where you are shuttled you to your hotel and picked up in the am for second leg go your journey. It is important to note you do not sleep on the train. Your luggage will be in your room when you arrive and you leave it in the room when you depart and the staff takes care of this for you. 


There is a viewing platform that you can access anytime to go out and breath in fresh mountain air and see the incredible views and wildlife. 


You will see the beautiful and stunning Rocky Mountains as you travel through the Fraser Valley and into Alberta. You will pass canyons, waterfalls, Hells Gate and also see wildlife such as Bears, Mountains Goats, Sheep, Bald Eagles and more!


One of of our favourite things was meeting the other guests on the train, People come from all over the world for this experiences and everyone is very chatty and friendly. Everyone is there to have a good time so no doubt you will meet some very lovely people on board! 


The Rocky Mountaineer has various prices based on route and class. This is a first class experience and meant to be enjoyed around every turn. So take it in and enjoy every second. You will walk away with memories forever. One guarantee is when you arrive at your destination, you will have had one of the most wonderful experiences of your life!


Entrepreneur & Photographer

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