15% off with DUER Performance

Published on
July 26, 2022

Scott Bakken
Entrepreneur & Photographer
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Scott Bakken

I have been wearing Duer Performance pants for years. Whether hiking in the mountains, biking in the city or just everyday adventures, they are the perfect pant. Their website claims they are the worlds most comfortable pants. Don't take my word for it, you need to try them for yourself. I would never promote something I don't believe in so I have listed a few reasons why I love them!

Right now, DUER is offering you 15% off your purchase. Use code INF-SCOTT15 at check out. They have a wide range of Mens and Women's from pants, tees, shorts and more.



The fit and styles they offer in denim, joggers, chinos and shorts make for great selections for a day in the mountains or life in the city.


They are carefully designed with adventure in mind. From zip pockets, signature gusset for extra range and motion these pants are designed for your daily hustle.


We have all worn those pants that feel restrictive or limit your every move. Hike, stretch, climb, ride or run in DUER. Not only do they stretch, but they retain their shape. Unlike other pants, these will not bag out or sag out!


I have put my DUERS to the test over the years and not one rip or tear. You will have these pants for ages.


No Sweat Jogger

Live Lite Adventure Pant

Weightless Short

The Only Tee

Check out DUER here and use my code for 15% off your purchase. USE code INF-SCOTT15 at checkout.


Entrepreneur & Photographer

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